Emblematic Antarctica

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    Emblematic Antarctica
    Flight Buenos Aires / Ushuaia + visit or time at leisure + transfers + flight Ushuaia / Buenos Aires

    Kreuzfahrt Antarktis

    18. November 2017 bis 28. November 2017
    11 Tage / 10 Nächte

    Einschiffung : Ushuaia
    Ausschiffung : Ushuaia

    Schiff : LE BOREAL

    • Ref : UUAD45

    Ponant invites you to discover the essential features of the White Continent during an 11-day cruise in the Antarctic Peninsula. 

    Sailing from Ushuaia, you will board Le Boréal for an exceptional journey to the heart of this land at the end of the world.An essential stopping point on your Antarctic Expedition, Neko Harbour is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful sites in the Peninsula. Between the snow-covered mountains, the ice and the wildlife, you will be captivated by the magic of this unique site.

    During your journey, you will discover the polar desert with its grandiose landscapes. You will be able to admire the tabular icebergs whose immense dimensions have always held a deep fascination for the great explorers.

    Penguins are the veritable emblem of this ice-bound region, living in colonies of many thousands of members. Sailing on the drifting ice floe or waddling over an icy beach, you will be able to watch these unusual animals going about their daily life.

    Razorback whales, humpback whales, Weddell seals, leopard seals and seabirds: This expanse of polar iridescence is home to many other species that you will encounter during your various excursions.

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    Kabinen & Suiten


      Leider steht keine Kabine zur Buchung zur Verfügung. Bitte wenden Sie sich an unsere Kreuzfahrt-Berater.


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      Wie ihre Schwesterschiffe verkörpert die Le Boréal die einzigartige Atmosphäre aus Luxus, Intimität und Wohlbefinden, die zum Markenzeichen von PONANT wurde. Ihre schlichte und schöne innere und äußere Linienführung und ihre kleine Größe (nur 132 Kabinen und Suiten) machen sie zu einer auf dem Markt der Kreuzfahrtschiffe einzigartigen, modernen Yacht.
      Feinste Materialien, diskrete Raffinesse und freundlich nuancierte Harmonie verkörpern mit beruhigenden und neutralen Farben in Grau- und Weißtönen und einem Hauch Rot den Charakter einer „Privatyacht“.



      Flight Buenos Aires / Ushuaia + visit or time at leisure + transfers + flight Ushuaia / Buenos Aires

      Embarkation day                    Buenos Aires / Ushuaia




      Flight Buenos Aires /Ushuaia.




      Buenos Aires’ Airport, flight number and time are to be advised about 30 days prior to departure.




      We suggest you to be at the check in counter 1 ½ hour before flight departure time.




      Meet and greet at Ushuaia airport.








      Depending on your choice made when booking your cruise:




      Departure from the airport and transfer to the pier - embarkation on board your cruise ship.




      You will have access to the Grand Salon meanwhile your cabin will be ready from 5.00pm.




      Lunch on board.




      In the afternoon: time at leisure in Ushuaia.
















      Depart the airport for your transfer to the Arakur Hotel, one of the newest hotels built in Ushuaia. It overlooks the town and its bay.




      In the Yamanas’ language, “Ushuaia” means “the bay which looks towards the east”, this native tribe was established here long before the arrival of the “white” people. At the tip of the Beagle Channel, which connects the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, Ushuaia is a unique place in this world and is proud to be the southernmost city. Rising on an island, it seems to float between two oceans. The snow-capped mountains draw the border with Chile in the background. Here you truly feel at the end of the world…




      After lunch at the Arakur Hotel you will have some time at leisure and /or will be invited to join a walk through the Natural Reserve of the Cerro Alarken. Arakur is a unique starting point for discovering a preserved area which covers 100 hectares; this is a sheltered place for flora and fauna species typical to the Tierra del Fuego area (please note that the observation of the fauna is not guaranteed) The unique location of the Arakur close to the Mount Alarken makes it as well the perfect setting to enjoy lovely panoramas over the bay.




      The walk is selected in order to suit most guests’ walking ability.




      Please note that at the moment of booking your cruise, guests willing to visit the Tierra del Fuego National Park will be able to sign up for a group optional excursion. This tour shall take place in the afternoon after lunch and therefore implies that one cannot participate in the walk in the Alarken Reserve. Please note as well that the Tierra del Fuego excursion is subject to a minimum of participation : if this number is not reached, our operator will not be able to guaranty the departure. The Tierra del Fuego excursion rate is of 80 euros /US $100 /AU$113 per person (tour description available upon request)




      In the middle of the afternoon you will return to Ushuaia on time for embarkation.








      - Cruise on board your cruise ship –








      Disembarkation day               Ushuaia / Buenos Aires




      Disembarkation and transfer to Ushuaia airport.




      Flight Ushuaia / Buenos Aires.




      Flight number and time schedule are to be advised about 30 days prior to departure.








      Your program includes:


          • Beverages during lunch (bottled water + 1 soft drink or 1 local beer + 1 coffee) on embarkation Day


          • Transfers, flights Buenos Aires/Ushuaia/Buenos Aires in economy class and visits as per program


          • The walk through the Cerro Alarken Reserve starting from the Arakur Hotel and leaded by English speaking guide


          • English-speaking local guide.


      Your program does not include:


          • Gratuities for driver and local guide


          • Personal expenses, and other services not mentioned in the program


          • The optional excursion to the Tierra del Fuego National Park which has to be booked at the moment you book your cruise








          • The local currency is the Argentinian Peso. You will be able to make most of your purchases in USD (in small denominations) or by credit card, accepted in most hotels, shopping centers and boutiques. You will also be able to retrieve Pesos from the ATM’s.


          • Summer season: temperatures vary between 41F and 65F


          • We recommend you wear warm clothing and comfortable walking shoes either for the visit to the Reserve or if you book the optional excursion to the National Park.






      Seats are limited. Subject to availability. The duration of the tour is subject to change. The order of the visits may be reversed.




      Travelers are advised to check all the information with the authorities concerned prior to the departure date. CDP advises travelers to consult the country factsheets relating to the chosen destinations.




      CDP specifically draws travelers’ attention to the fact that the information provided may change up until the departure date, and they are advised to consult that information up until the time of departure.




      Ponant invites travelers to adjust their behavior to the visited country, to exercise vigilance and to avoid carrying valuable objects during their travel.

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