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Adam Weaver

Adam Weaver

Adam has been heavily involved with project caving for 14 years. Adam was a hydrologist fort he USFS and Cartographer making RapidMap from 2015-202. He is currently the Operations Manager of the Black Hills Institute of Geological Research. He has expedition caving experience in (including but not limited to) Lechuguilla Cave, Jewel Cave, Wind Cave, and Ft. Stanton Cave. He participated in more than forty successful, multi-day underground expeditions, having led a number of them. He has assisted the BLM, USFS, NPS, and state agencies with restoration, survey, science, and management projects across the United States. He is an experienced explorer with more than one hundred miles of accomplished cave passage discovery and survey.

He has a diverse educational background, holding degrees in Environmental Research, Aircraft

Armament Systems, and master’s degrees in Natural Resource Stewardship as well as Water Resource Management. He has completed the Wildland Hydrology courses on Fluvial Geomorphology.

Adam is the Vice-President of the Black Hills Cave and Nature Conservancy, and a on the Board of Directors of the Cave Exploration Society, Cave Conservancy of Hawaii, Paha Sapa Grotto, Cave Discovery Initiative, and a past officer of the National Speleological Society, as well as the editor of the NSS News, America’s Caving Magazine.

Adam’s contributions to the research and exploration of cave/karst resources have created a body of work that spans across the fields of cartography, geography, hydrology, paleontology, archeology, and, of course, geology. Currently, he is working on a number of large-scale exploration projects in the US, a three-year NASA project focused on caves as an analog for stellar bodies, and a long-term, Pleistocene-age paleontological project within the caves of the Black Hills of South Dakota

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Photo credit: Rene Ohms

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