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Amaury Bouhours

Amaury Bouhours

After his studies at the Soissons Hospitality School, Amaury secured an internship at the Louis XV – Alain Ducasse, in Monaco, in 2008. For the young 18-year-old, the experience was crucial : “I had always wanted to work in haute cuisine restaurants. But there, all of a sudden, I was leaping from dream to reality and that was when everything really clicked into place”. It was also the beginning of his discovery of the Ducassian cuisine, of precision and exceptional produce. Alain Ducasse quickly recognised this promising young beginner’s potential. So here was Amaury setting off in 2009 as commis in the Restaurant Alain Ducasse at the Plaza Athénée, in Paris. He stayed there for six years, successively under the direction of Christophe Moret, Christophe Saintagne then Romain Meder. New establishment, new and significant encounters: “the rhythm was really intense, but that enabled me to save an untold amount of time. I really learnt about every aspect of cooking, from respect for the produce through to the ideal cooking method and the ideal seasoning.” He quickly rose to the position of Head Chef de Partie then Junior Sous-Chef. He then joined Adrien Trouilloud as Sous-Chef at Lasserre : “I learnt a great deal with Adrien too, notably regarding sauces and rotisserie, areas in which he excels”.

In 2016, Amaury joined Le Meurice – Alain Ducasse as Jocelyn Herland’s assistant Chef de Cuisine. When the latter left in June 2020, it was quite natural that Alain Ducasse should entrust the reins of the establishment to Amaury : “If I chose Amaury, it was because he has the potential to embody a new stage in the life of the restaurant at Le Meurice.”

Languages spoken: french, spanish and english.


Photo credit : Maki Manoukian

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