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Gillian Hovell

Gillian Hovell

Gillian Hovell is an ancient historian and archaeologist, known professionally as ‘The Muddy Archaeologist’. Indeed, she has excavated major sites from every ancient era. Ex-BBC, she now appears on national TV & Radio and is an award-winning writer, author, public speaker, and lecturer at York University, as well as nationally and internationally, in person and online. She is accessible, engaging, and academically robust (having graduated from Exeter University in Latin and Ancient History). Her passion is to share how the ancient world and archaeological sites and finds (from the Neolithic northern isles of Shetland and Orkney to the stunning and diverse civilizations of the ancient Mediterranean) are all full of insights into our common humanity. History and archaeology are not just about the past, they add color, depth, and meaning to our lives today.  

Language spoken : English

Photo credit: ARR