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Marc Levy

Marc Levy

With numerous bestsellers to his name, he is one of the best known authors in the world. He is also the most read, followed and anticipated French novelist, having sold over 50 million copies, where each new novel is an event. From his first book, If Only It Were True adapted for film, to one of his most recent, The Symphony of Monsters, Marc Levy is proof that life can be full of wonderful surprises. Here is a man who having started out in computer programming never imagined that destiny would open the doors of literature to him. Now settled in New York, he observes the planet – and America in particular – from ‘the city that never sleeps’. For the Paris Match 75th Anniversary cruise, he will be sharing with guests an exclusive on his view of the “New World” country. 

Langues parlées : French and English.


Photo credit : ARR

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