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Kreuzfahrten nach Maumere, Flores (Indonesien)

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Floresians have an ancient culture stretching back millennia before the first arrival of Europeans in search of trade opportunities. Their history is shared through oral traditions and is recreated in song and dance. The mountainous terrain of Flores has preserved the diversity of cultures and Maumere serves as the capital of the Sikka district and main trading port. Few tourists make it to Maumere with most stopping at Labuan Bajo and heading west to the islands of Komodo. Consequently, Maumere and has kept its charming atmosphere, an eclectic mix of a bustling trading town and a coastal paradise. Join your expedition team and local guides for a tour by local transport to the markets and tribal villages in the hinterland of Maumere.

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Cairns - Benoa, Bali
15 Nächte an Bord
20.02.2023 bis 07.03.2023

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