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Follow the Davis Strait currents and Qaqortoq, the largest town in southern Greenland, reveals itself in a rocky setting covered in immaculate white in winter and enchanting green in summer. From the moment your ship enters the fjord edging the town, off in the distance you will be able to glimpse the delightful, brightly-coloured houses built upon the hillsides surrounding this charming fishing port, the most southerly in Greenland. You will have the opportunity to wander around the streets of the town centre which have distinct Danish influences and are home to numerous historical buildings and landmarks, such as the country’s famous and oldest fountain, topped with whales. Not far from there, you will also have the chance to discover the town’s open-air fish market, where fishermen come to sell the day’s catch.

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Reykjavík - Toronto
13 Nächte an Bord
05.09.2022 bis 18.09.2022

Preis pro Person auf Basis einer Doppelkabine. Dieser Preis gilt vorbehaltlich Verfügbarkeit und basiert auf der Auslastung des jeweiligen Schiffes. Die Kabinenkategorie, für die dieser Preis gilt, ist möglichweise nicht mehr verfügbar

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